Clear Skin Challenge

30 days of skin care routines, products, and tips that will set you on a path to clear skin, for FREE!


  • Dermatologist developed program designed to target your specific skin concerns
  • Choose your track:  Acne, Hyperpigmentation, Redness, Aging
  • Beauty from the inside out – a breakdown of the foods that will protect and heal your skin and keep it looking vibrant
  • Product recommendations to meet every budget – as well as guidance about the ingredients that will best treat your skin concern
  • 30 challenge items in one easy to follow e-book

Are you ready for clear skin?

“Dr. Ip’s tips and advice cleared my acne and left my skin feeling healthy!”


Hi!  I’m Dr. Ip, a Harvard trained, Board Certified Dermatologist.  I created this free, 30 day challenge to provide people everywhere an opportunity to understand the products and routines that are necessary to improve their skin.  By targeting specific skin concerns we can focus in on the required changes that will set you on a path to clear skin.  You will get insight into the routines and products that I use myself to ensure clear, glowing skin every single day.  Many people have had success with this challenge because it focuses on combining health and wellness with the right ingredients to target your specific skin concerns




 “My acne and brown spots have disappeared and my skin is glowing.  Thanks Dr. Ip!”


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