On Day 1 of the Clear Skin Challenge we examine the ingredients that will target your skin concern.  You can find Dr. Ip’s recommended products below.  ​Scroll down to find your skin concern.

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Comedonal Acne

Start with a gentle cleanser twice daily, followed by moisturizer.  Apply a topical retinoid in the evening.

Inflammatory Acne

Wash twice daily with a gentle cleanser followed by benzoyl peroxide treatment and moisturizer. Start treatment every other day to begin and then increase to daily if necessary.

Combination Acne

Wash twice daily with a gentle cleanser followed by treatment and moisturizer.  Apply benzoyl peroxide in the morning followed by moisturizer.  In the evening apply a topical retinoid followed by moisturizer.

Fine Lines & Wrinkles

Wash twice daily with a gentle cleanser.  Apply moisturizer in the morning.  In the evening treat with an over the counter retinol or a stronger retinoid, followed by moisturizer.  When using a retinoid, a little bit goes a very long way – a pea-sized amount should be enough for your entire face.  For over the counter retinols, the same thought applies and one pump from the bottle will be enough.


Wash twice daily with a gentle cleanser, followed by treatment and moisturizer.  Good sunscreen is essential! Many products that offer skin lightening contain Hydroquinone which some people find to be very irritating.  If you find this to be the case, limit use to once daily.


Wash twice daily with a gentle cleanser.  Apply soothing serum and moisturizer in morning and evening.


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