In January, 2016 I launched Vibrant Dermatology as an online platform where I could share skin tips along with health and wellness advice.  Since the launch, I have connected with thousands of people through social media and have loved making these connections and helping people with their questions about skin.  Looking back through the past twelve months, I started thinking about what subjects resonated the most with my readers and have pulled together a round-up of these posts below.  So without further adieu, my top 10 posts from 2016:

Sun Safety For The Family:

PSA – Sunscreen:  This blog was published just before summer and caught the attention of many moms on Facebook.  Selecting the best sunscreen is a touchy subject.  There is a huge range of available products on the market and so many articles that offer opinions on the best sunscreen available.  One thing that I touched on in this blog post is the amount of sunscreen one should be using on a daily basis.  Many people get this wrong and aren’t using nearly enough sunscreen (a shot glass full to cover your entire body!). 

Sun Safety For Kids:  Another post about protecting our skin from the sun, this one focused on keeping the kids safety.  Skin cancer is preventable when you take measures to protect yourself (and your children) from the sun.  Children’s skin is so vulnerable and I am always extra cautious when it comes to keeping my kids safe in the sun. 

For Kids:

Eczema in Babies and Young Children:  It turns out that this is a very common concern among parents!  Dry, itchy skin can make your baby miserable and here I’ve offered up some of my best tips for treating eczema in babies and young children.  I have had personal experience with this (my daughter has suffered from eczema) so know the struggle of treating eczema. 

Eczema Versus Food Allergy:  This was a follow up blog to address the issue of eczema versus food allergies.  Many people attribute an eczema reaction to a food allergy and in this blog post I break down the differences. 

Just for Women Like You:

Hair Loss In Women:  If you’ve ever looked at the amount of hair left in your hairbrush or shower drain and wondered if maybe you are experiencing more than a normal amount of hair shed, check out this post.  Hair loss is more common among woman than one may think! 

Taking Care Of The Skin Down There:  Women were thrilled to have some advice on skin issues that can pop up in the vaginal area.  I have plenty more to share on this topic, stay tuned for part 2 of this series in 2017!

Buying Personal Care Products On Amazon:  This was one of my favorite blogs to write because the research I’ve done gives me confidence that some of our personal care products can be purchased on Amazon.  As a working mom, Amazon Prime has helped save my sanity!  The more I can purchase online (with 2 day shipping), the less I need to do on the weekends when I want to be spending time with my kids!

Cure Your Acne Once And For All:

Making The Diagnosis:  This is the original post in my series on clearing your acne.  I personally struggled with acne for years and have done a ton of research on this subject so this one is near and dear to my heart.  One thing I have learned along the way is that many people are using the wrong ingredients to treat their acne!  Diagnosing the type of acne that you have is key and in this post I walk you through how to do this. Non-Surgical Nose Job

The Best Face Wash For Acne Prone Skin:  This is part of my series on clearing your acne and offers up information on selecting the best face wash if you struggle with acne. 

Cure Your Acne Once And For All With Over The Counter Products:  Another post in my series on clearing your acne, this one covers the best over the counter products for treating acne.  Many types of acne can be treated over the counter but choosing products with the correct ingredients in important.  If you struggle with acne, you won’t want to miss any of the posts in this series.

I hope that you have enjoyed being a part of Vibrant Dermatology in 2016 and I want to thank you so much for taking this journey with me.  I am looking forward to sharing even more in 2017!