Over the last few months I’ve been testing out a product from HydroPeptide and I’m so excited that this product is going to be released to the market very soon.  LumaProC is a skin brightening serum, and I’m hooked!  It reduces the appearance of hyperpigmentation due to aging, sun damage, post-acne spots and “pregnancy mask”. 

12/1/2016 Update:  You can now order LumaPro-C direct from Hydropeptide.

If you have any kind of brown spots or hyperpigmentation on your skin then you have likely explored the world of skin lighteners and brighteners.  There are a number of products on the market that claim to target brown spots but the truth is that many of these products are just moisturizer.  If you truly want to minimize the appearance of brown spots you will need active ingredients that have skin lightening benefits. Harmful UV rays from the sun are the primary cause of spots so if you suffer from brown spots then SPF should be your best friend.

A large number of the skin brighteners that target brown spots contain an active ingredient called Hydroquinone.  Brown spots develop when there is an excess amount of melanin.  Hydroquinone prevents melanin from accumulating which results in brown spots gradually fading.  However, many people do not tolerate hydroquinone well.  In some cases, people who use hydroquinone excessively will develop exogenous ochronosis which will result in the skin darkening where the product was applied.  Skin lightening products that do not contain hydroquinone are often not very effective at reducing brown spots.  If you are looking for an alternative to hydroquinone, LumaProC is for you!

Every summer, regardless of how much SPF I apply I always develop mild melasma.  Certain areas of my face will darken, especially on my upper lip area.  I put LumaProC to the test this summer and applied it every morning after washing my face.  I was thrilled with the results – minimal brown spots where I tend to have very noticeable melasma.

What’s in it?  How does it work?

LumaProC combines a resurfacing peptide with the most advanced and stable forms of vitamin C and resveratrol to combat signs of aging, defend against environmental stress and revitalize the skin.  Add in eight key brightening ingredients that work to encourage skin resurfacing, prevent excess pigmentation from accumulating along with key brighteners to enhance skin luminosity and even skin tone and you have a safe, effective product that will help to minimize current brown spots and prevent new ones from forming.

This product is suitable for all skin types – even those with sensitive skin that haven’t fared well with skin brighteners and lighteners in the past should tolerate this product well.  If you are looking for a hydroquinone alternative, this is definitely worth a try.

How should I use it?

With LumaProC, I learned that a little bit goes a very long way.  One pump from the bottle will produce a pea sized amount which is enough to smooth over your face.  After washing, dry face with a soft towel and then apply LumaProC.  As it is a serum, it has a very smooth finish and applies easily.  Follow up with a moisturizer and SPF.  You could also use this product to treat brown spots on your hands, neck or other areas of your body.  I suggest applying in the morning and evening to treat stubborn brown spots and once daily for preventative treatment. Non-Surgical Nose Job

You will soon be able to purchase LumaProC direct from Hydropeptide