Who Can Develop Lipomas?

Men and women of any age can develop lipomas, but they are commonly experienced by people who have a family history of lipomas. However, people who experience impact injuries to a fatty area can also develop lipomas.

On top of that, people with certain medical conditions may also be more likely to develop lipomas, such as those diagnosed with Gardner Syndrome.

What Causes Lipomas?

Though the exact cause of lipomas isn’t known, we do know that lipomas tend to run in families This points to a genetic factor in lipoma development in some individuals.

Lipomas are also thought to develop from trauma in the affected area.

Certain conditions are connected to lipomas, such as Gardner Syndrome. This syndrome can affect the skin and cause lipomas to form alongside other growths. Another condition, known as Madelung’s Disease, is marked by the development of lipomatosis and lipomas.

Treatment Options for Lipomas

Since lipomas are rarely a serious medical condition, treatment options for having lipomas removed are straight-forward and relatively fast procedures. Though there is no way to prevent lipomas from developing, patients who have lipomas that bother them or that are painful can have it excised.

The dermatologist will perform an outpatient procedure to carefully remove the lipoma, check to make sure all of the lipoma has been removed, and then close the area with stitches.

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