Are you using your skin care products in the best order?  There are SO MANY products out there for smoothing, plumping, minimizing, moisturizing, and more.  It’s tough to figure out exactly what your skin needs, not to mention that each product should be used in an order that will provide the best benefit.

Always start with a gentle cleanse.  In the evening, I suggest using an eye makeup remover and then washing with luke-warm water and a gentle cleanser.  Once your skin is clean you are ready to start applying products.

My general advice for any skin care routine is to start light and work your way up to the heavier products.  Specifically:

  • Serum(s) – These tend to be on the lighter side and will be most effective if applied first.  There are a variety of serums on the market that do everything from reduce wrinkles, target dryness, firm & tone, and smooth skin.  Pick a few that target your concerns and use in combination.  I really like the Hydrostem antioxidant serum from Hydropeptide.
  • Moisturizer – To really seal in those serums for the maximum benefit, next up is your moisturizer.  Keep this product light so that you don’t start to look too greasy.  Oils can be added on top of your moisturizer if you want an extra boost of radiance (but keep it light!).
  • In the morning, be sure to add a light sun-screen on top.  It’s important to have a layer of protection from UV Rays, even if you won’t be outside all day long.
    • A good way to save steps is get a combined moisturizer with sunscreen. I like Cerave am Lotion because it combines a great moisturizer with an SPF 30 sunscreen
  • In the evening, add a retinol to your routine.  These help to unclog pores, boost collagen to reduce fine lines, and speed cell turnover to even out discoloration and smooth the skin.  Prescription strength Retinoids are very popular, and this is what I use personally, but there are also some great over-the-counter options.  Strivectin or Olay ProX have good retinol based night creams.

If you have any medication that is applied to the skin, this will always go on first. Be sure to let each product soak in for a minute or two before moving on to the next so that they have adequate time to penetrate.

With consistency and the right mix of products your skin should look great and not feel too greasy.  Experiment with what works best for your skin and be sure to call your dermatologist if you think your products aren’t cutting it.

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