What Patients Say About Vibrant Dermatology

“I’ve been a patient of Dr. Ip’s for a few years and she is by far the best dermatologist I’ve seen. My family has a history of skin cancer, including melanoma, and she performs a very thorough skin check every six months, leaving me confident that any suspicious moles are marked to be watched or removed before they become troublesome. The care I have received from Dr. Ip has always been 100% great – she is attentive, answers all of my questions and is gentle with procedures. In addition to seeing Dr. Ip for regular skin checks, she has also treated me for acne. After suggesting an easy to follow treatment plan using over the counter products, my skin cleared almost immediately. When it comes to skin, Dr. Ip knows her stuff and I would recommend her to anybody looking for a dermatologist.”

– Megan B.

“I highly recommend Dr. Ip.  Dr. Ip was the doctor responsible for diagnosing an early form of skin cancer on my lip.  I was terrified. She was so organized, fast, and extremely supportive in her coordination of my treatment.  I felt I was in the best hands the whole time. She’s so smart and so capable, a great communicator, and she took extremely good care of me.  And every time I see her (now it is every 6 months) she greets me as if only days have passed. She is checking my skin, but I feel like she cares about me as a person, not just a patient.”

– Elizabeth (Betsy) G.

“What a great experience. I have never felt so at ease in a doctor’s office as I did when I went to see Dr. Ip.  She answered all my questions and was very supportive. I had a few different procedures done on my face and I am so pleased with the results.  Dr. Ip is truly an artist in her field. I am so lucky to have her as my dermatologist.”

– Stacey I.

“Dr. Ip brings together expertise in dermatology and an artistic touch to create a wonderful experience. Although at first I was hesitant to try Botox and fillers, her confidence and care immediately put me at ease. Her experience in cosmetic medicine and comfort with the products enabled her to give me a little “boost” that looks entirely natural. I look like me, but my best me! I have been both a cosmetic and medical patient for five years and view her as my doctor and my friend.”

– Julie R.

“I was referred to Dr. Ip after moving to Boston less than 1 year ago. I had made it through my teenage years and early twenties with what I would consider pretty good skin, but I had been struggling the past two years with adult acne despite a healthy lifestyle and diligent skincare routine.  I had seen multiple dermatologists and been prescribed various medications and skin treatments, but nothing seemed to help. Being referred to Dr. Ip was truly, truly a blessing. She is an expert in her field (did you know she was on the Wendy Williams show?!), empathetic and always customizing treatment for you.  Prior to arriving at Dr. Ip’s office, I was convinced my only option was an uncomfortable 6-9 months on Accutane based on previous consults but with a series of blue light and laser treatment I saw extremely positive results, in a shorter period of time, with no discomfort or side effects that I likely would’ve experienced with Accutane.

I would recommend Dr. Ip to any of my friends – whether they’re struggling with acne or just trying to take better care of their skin. She is terrific at what she does and truly cares about her patients.”

– Katie E.

“Dr. Imahiyerobo-Ip has been our family dermatologist for several years and has provided excellent care and attention to the needs of our growing family.  As a health care professional myself, it was essential to enlist the care of a knowledgeable and caring provider. Dr. Ip as we fondly call her has helped me and my two daughter’s and has been an important consultant in our personal care both physically and psychologically.  Today my youngest daughter is cancer free. Dr Ip was instrumental in the screening and treatment of a problematic legion. For my oldest daughter who experienced anxiety related to growing white spots on her face, Dr. Ips’ medical intervention resulted in a happier teenager with even skin tone and a radiant complexion. For me personally, today I have more energy and with clearer skin after being treated for adult acne and vitamin D deficiency.  In summary, Dr. Ip is a caring, warm, excellent professional who has made a wonderful impact in the field of Dermatology. I strongly recommend her expertise to any individual and or family.”

– Gabrielle A.

“As a patient for the last four years, I would enthusiastically recommend Dr. Ip to anyone with either skin problems or anti-aging/cosmetic concerns. I initially came to Dr. Ip in my mid-twenties to address sun damage and melasma. I had previously seen two dermatologists, without any tangible results. After a thorough examination, Dr. Ip put me on a new skin regimen and was able to correct my problem in less than 6 months.

Based on her successful treatment of my dermatology issues, it was natural for me to return to Dr. Ip with my anti-aging concerns when I turned 30. We began an anti-aging regimen that included Botox and fillers to correct my under eye circles and forehead lines. Whether you have a specific skin problem to address or just want to be proactive about maintaining your youthful appearance, I would encourage you to make an appointment with Dr. Ip. She will take the time to carefully analyze your skin, discuss a course of treatment/skin care regimen that best meets your needs, and answer your questions. Simply stated, Dr. Ip’s skill and compassion for her patients are unsurpassed. She is the best!”

– Alexandra P.