Lipoma Removal

lipoma is a common and benign skin condition where a soft tumor of fatty tissue develops under the surface of the skin. Sometimes, they can grow in size and become a cosmetic concern or tender to the touch. In these cases, removing the lipoma is a great option.

What Does Lipoma Removal Treat?

Lipoma removal is a procedure designed to remove lipomas, which are fatty tumors that can become large in size, become painful, or turn into a cause for cosmetic concern.

In most cases, lipomas develop in easily-accessible areas that do not require generalized anesthesia and a trip to the hospital to remove. Thankfully, many patients can come in for their appointment and leave with a small incision and no more lipoma!

Who Should Have a Lipoma Removed?

Though lipomas are usually benign growths, some people may feel uncomfortable with their appearance due to this condition. For those with cosmetic concerns, lipoma removal is a great option to remove the cause of their distress and restore their appearance to something they are more comfortable with.

People who have lipomas in sensitive areas, such as the folds of their skin or around their genitals, are also great candidates to have their lipoma removed. This is also true for people who have large or painful lipomas.

What to Expect from Your Lipoma Removal

Lipoma removal can be accomplished through a quick in-office procedure called a surgical excision.

Before the procedure, the area around the lipoma is numbed with local anesthesia to ensure that you don’t feel any pain throughout the procedure. Dr. Ip will then make an incision into the skin and remove the fatty tumor and evaluate the immediate area to ensure that everything has been removed. The skin is then stitched to together to close the pocket and allow the area to heal.

All About Recovery and Results

Depending on the size and location of the lipoma, you may have to restrict your activity for a few weeks to give the area enough time to heal. However, the recovery time from a lipoma removal is relatively short.

As far as results go, patients who have had a lipoma removed usually experience minimal scarring and very little to no obvious signs that a lipoma had been present. In some cases, lipomas do return in the same, but this rare.

Why Dr. Ip Recommends Lipoma Removal

Lipomas can often cause emotional distress and cosmetic concern for people that are affected by them. These growths can develop anywhere on the body, and they can be visible under clothing or hair.

Certain people may also develop lipomas in sensitive areas, or they may have lipomas that grow large in size. Sometimes, lipomas can also become painful and tender as a result of their location and size. These individuals are also good candidates for lipoma removal.

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