Stretch Mark Treatments

Almost everyone has stretch marks – they are an unfortunate part of life. Appearing on the body as long lines or streaks that can be light in color or darker than the surrounding skin, stretch marks are a common cosmetic concern for men and women alike.

Stretch marks develop as someone grows. The majority of people first notice stretch marks during puberty, and they are also prone to developing when someone grows rapidly, gains weight rapidly, or during pregnancy. And, while stretch marks are common and harmless, many people find them distressing and seek dermatological treatments to improve their appearance.

What Stretch Mark Treatments Can Address

As the name suggests, stretch mark treatments address the appearance of stretch marks on the skin.

Though the majority of people experience stretch marks around their legs and abdomen, stretch mark treatments can help the look of these markings across the entire body.

Who Should Get Stretch Mark Treatments

Though stretch marks are considered a harmless cosmetic condition, many people want to reduce the appearance of their stretch marks.

Men, women, and teens may all be good candidates for stretch mark treatments. Since there are many treatments available to address stretch marks, there is almost always an option that can work for you.

What to Expect from Stretch Mark Treatments

In order to give you the best results, Dr. Ip takes a multi-modality approach to treating stretch marks. This means that, sometimes, a combination of treatments is more likely to give you the gorgeous results you’re looking for.

At Vibrant Dermatology, we offer many different treatments for stretch marks including microneedling with PRP, laser treatments, collagen-stimulating dermal fillers, and topical treatments.

During your appointment, Dr. Ip will examine your skin and discuss your concerns and cosmetic goals with you. With all the information she needs at hand, Dr. Ip will then recommend a treatment plan to improve the appearance of your stretch marks.

The majority of stretch mark treatments are comfortable and require no downtime, though Dr. Ip will discuss what you can expect from your specific treatment plan.

Unfortunately, many insurance companies consider stretch mark treatments to be cosmetic procedures. This means that it is important for you to discuss your options with your insurance to understand whether or not your treatment will be covered and how much it could cost you.

All About Recovery Times and Results

The procedures that we offer for stretch marks have little to no downtime. However, some patients have reported feeling a slight tingling sensation in the treated area for up to one week after their treatment.

Dr. Ip may also prescribe topical creams to help stimulate new collagen and elastin production to boost the results of your treatments. These creams work synergistically with your in-office procedures.

For most people, around 6 treatments will be needed to get the results they desire. These procedures are exceedingly popular because that can fade stretch marks and help them blend seamlessly into the rest of your skin. If your stretch marks present as indentations in your skin, these treatments can also help replace that lost volume to further improve their appearance.

Why Dr. Ip Recommends Stretch Mark Treatments

In the past, dermatologists had very few options when it came to helping patients reduce the appearance of their stretch marks. Dr. Ip is proud to provide her patients with the highest quality treatments to give them gorgeous skin that they’re confident about – including enhancing the appearance of areas affected by stretch marks.

These procedures are effective, safe, and don’t require patients to undergo any downtime. For these reasons, along with the beautiful results, Dr. Ip often recommends stretch mark treatments to patients who are concerned about the appearance of their body due to stretch marks.

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