Skinbar MD: Hair Loss and Unwanted Hair

The Mane Event

Hair Loss

Hair loss can be a frustrating and complicated issue to deal with for both men and women. Everyone loses hair. However, if you see bald patches or lots of thinning, you may be experiencing alopecia. Causes of hair loss can range from stress, genetics, to underlying issues within the body.

At Skin Bar MD, our board-certified dermatologists will conduct a thorough hair loss evaluation. We offer several treatments for hair loss including oral medications and topical hair growth serums. We also offer cutting-edge Platelet Rich Plasma Treatments that use your own stem cells to stimulate hair growth, as well as laser light treatments.


Platelet Rich Plasma Treatment: $650 per treatment

Unwanted Hair

Skin Bar MD offers both waxing and laser hair removal services to address unwanted hair. We use a state of the art laser hair removal device that offers painless laser hair removal that is safe for all skin types.


We offer laser hair removal at the low price of $175 per area!

Face, Armpits, Arms, Bikini: $175

Back and Chest: $300

Half Legs: $175

Full Legs: $300