As a doctor, nothing makes me happier than hearing success stories when I have helped to improve somebody’s health or appearance.  Today I’m sharing an update from one of my patients who was going through redness and inflammation in her face.  She is a mom to three little kids and noticed that a lot of her skin changes happened when pregnant and breastfeeding – but after weaning her youngest child her skin didn’t clear up as expected.  Another dermatologist had previously diagnosed her with Rosacea and prescribed a prescription that was going to be very expensive and possibly not provide any results.  I suspected that inflammatory acne was to blame for the irritation and prescribed an over the counter acne medication called Obagi Clenziderm solubilized benzoyl peroxide and a light moisturizer.

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The patient started using the over the counter acne medication.  This cleared up the acne but she was left with redness throughout her cheeks, nose and forehead.  I suggested that she try Hydropeptide’s Soothing Serum

Hydropeptide is a brand that I 100% stand behind.  I use many of their products for myself and have been happy with the results.  The products are ‘clean’ and use powerful peptides that work on a cellular level.  The Soothing Serum that I recommended to this patient is formulated with calming peptides and a botanical stem cell that reduces the appearance of redness while comforting sensitive and irritated skin.  The serum also strengthens the skins natural defense system, restores hydration and promotes rapid recovery from skin resurfacing procedures.

When using this product, remember that a little bit will go a very long way.   A pea-sized amount will be enough to cover your face and once a day application should be enough (unless you have extreme irritation in which case you would apply twice a day).   You can order direct from Hydropeptide.

Direct from my patient:

 ‘Hydropeptide Soothing Serum has been a game changer for me.  The texture of this serum is really nice and it has a light, subtle scent.  I use it immediately after washing my face, and let it soak in for a few minutes before applying a light moisturizer.  Within two weeks, my skin was no longer irritated and felt so much smoother.  Thank You Dr. Ip for helping clear my skin!‘

I recently saw this patient again and her skin is looking so much better.  She has been able to scale down use of the acne medication to once every two to three days and is finding that the soothing serum keeps the redness to a minimum.  If you suffer from skin redness related to rosacea or post-inflammatory redness from acne, try Microneedling Serum.