Imagine finding the love of your life that complemented you in every way imaginable. He’s smart, funny, professional, charismatic, caring…but he snores like a bear, rolls around and can’t fall asleep unless it’s 20 degrees colder than your preference.

To a lot of people, this wouldn’t seem like a big deal, but any woman married to someone with drastically different sleeping habits from them can tell you that it can be an enormous source of stress.

Think about it — if one spouse is constantly interrupting the other’s sleep, making them groggy and grumpy in the mornings, unprepared and without adequate rest for the next day, the spouse who isn’t getting enough sleep is bound to begin to resent the other.

Sleep is extremely important. Any doctor (myself included) will tell you just how essential good sleep is to a healthy, happy life. Sleep sets the tone for the entire day, so when couples can’t get enough of it because they have incompatible habits, it’s bound to rock the boat.

In fact, some argue that sleeping in separate bedrooms has actually saved their marriages and brought them closer to their partners than ever before. Sleeping in separate bedrooms can not only help couples feel more refreshed and enjoy each other’s company more, but can actually dramatically increase sex drive.

And not to mention the beauty benefits. Restless nights lead to poorly aging skin, wrinkles, dark circles, and stress induced acne. They rob you of your healthy, youthful glow. So if sleeping with your husband is keeping you up all hours of the night, you’ll both thank yourselves for opting for separate bedrooms.

Lack of proper, rested sleep can also lead to dehydration, imbalance, redness and breakouts for skin. Studies have linked the development of crow’s feet and other unflattering features to the lack of sleep. A study funded by Estee Lauder revealed people that got less sleep had more fine lines, less elastic skin, and less even complexions. As a dermatologist, I can recommend all types of products and procedures to help correct your skin, but if you aren’t taking care of yourself with the basics like sleep you’re basically pushing a wheel uphill.

I’ll share a secret with you. I am one of those women who loves my husband to bits, but finds it hard to sleep with him!! One of us has to sleep at the head of the bed and the other has to sleep at the foot of the bed. I wear earplugs and have a white noise machine. So how do I prevent my suboptimal sleep from wreaking havoc on my skin? I have a great night time routine!! I cleanse my face with a gentle cleanser like vanicream creamy cleanser and I always apply a retinol based night cream. Right now, my favorite is Nimni cream, by Hydropeptide. This contains a time released retinol and helps to optimize collagen production through an exclusive, patented amino acid complex. It’s great for those who have tried and failed other retinoid creams. I then put on an antioxidant serum and top it off with a thick bland moisturizer. That being said, I will admit that if I really have a big day ahead of me, my hubby may end up on the couch!! If you suffer from any of these problems, feel free to check out my shop for dermatologist recommended products and use my code for an extra discount.

It’s important to note that everyone has different personal definitions of intimacy, and that it’s important to find ways to bond and remain close and romantic with one another even if that involves separate bedrooms.