There is a famous saying, “The eyes are the windows to the soul.”  The eyes often show emotion when the rest of our body might not.  Squinting, blinking, tears and excitement are all evident through the eyes.  These emotions play a role in the changes that take place around your eyes as well – typically leaving the skin dark and wrinkled which makes us appear older.


The skin around the eyes is thin and there are no oil glands in this area to help with keeping the area moisturized.  Collagen weakens easily in this area which results in deep lines and wrinkles.    The eye area tends to show signs of aging before any other area on the face.

There are some precautions you can take to help maintain your youthful eyes:

  1. Protect your eyes from the sun. Use sunscreen to help protect again UV rays that will weaken collagen and result in premature wrinkling around the eyes.
  2. A quality pair of sunglasses is well worth the investment – especially if they block out UVA and UVB rays.
  3. Consider a vitamin A cream which will help prevent wrinkles and minimize those that you already have. Hydropeptide Eye Authority (link) is a great option for helping to moisturize and revive the skin around your eyes.
  4. Soothe tired, puffy eyes with something cool.Try cucumber slices, cold spoons or even a chilled teabag.The caffeine in the tea bags helps to temporarily reduce swelling and puffiness.
  5. Don’t skimp on sleep – lack of sleep is usually evident with dark circles under the eyes.It’s important to get enough sleep at night.
  6. Keep your vision in check with an annual eye exam and make sure you are using the correct prescription for your eye glasses to help reduce the amount of squinting that you do.
  7. Stop smoking. Not only is it horrible for your health, but it will age your skin prematurely.

If you are a happy, smiley person (like me) then you may experience crow’s feet over time.  The solution to this annoying problem is a little bit of Botox. I use Botox regularly for my crow’s feet.  Patients often complain about a furrow that develops under their eyes with time. This is called a tear trough and results from volume loss under the eyes and in the cheeks. The best way to address tear troughs is with a small bit of hyaluronic acid filler. This procedure can have some down time, as there may be swelling for 24- 96 hours. Arnica gel can help with swelling. The great thing about tear through filler is that it lasts a really long time. Some women feel that their eyes remain youthful and rejuvenated for up to 3 years after the filler.  The last complaint that I hear about often is crepey under eye skin. As mentioned above, a good eye cream is very helpful for helping to hydrate the skin under the eye and minimize crepiness. However, when crepiness is severe, laser treatments may be necessary to stimulate collagen production under the eye.  Your dermatologist can help you figure out what treatments are best for you. Face Needle Roller

How do you maintain youthful looking eyes?

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