My eyelashes have never been full, long or strong.  In fact, they are kind of wimpy. As a dermatologist, I often prescribe a medication called Latisse to patients who desire longer, fuller, eyelashes.  Latisse contains a prostaglandin analog called bimatoprost. While it is very effective, I have had two personal concerns with the product that cause me not to use it personally. One, I’ve found that some peoples eyelashes grow out in a way that looks a little artificial… kind of like spider legs. This is rare, but I wasn’t interested in that look myself! More importantly, being that I am more inclined to use green/clean products, I was just a little wary of putting a prostaglandin analog near my eyes. I believe that it’s safe, otherwise I wouldn’t prescribe it at all. But when it comes to my personal preference, I err on the side of extreme caution. My entire job, after all, depends on be having keen eyesight (can’t be a blind dermatologist, unfortunately).

I’ve tried a variety of natural formulas to strengthen my weak eyelashes but often didn’t see the results I’d expected.  I started using LASH from Hydropeptide about 6 months ago and have been blown away by the results.  This was the first Hydropeptide product that I tried and I was amazed by how well it worked.

Application of this product is easy.  Simply apply a thin coat of the product at the base of your eyelashes every evening (it goes on a bit like liquid mascara).  I did notice some tingling the first couple of nights that I applied the product but it wasn’t painful and subsided within a week.  For best results, you will want to apply this product every evening.  I started noticing new growth about two weeks into use and by the end of the first month my lashes were definitely stronger. 

As with all HydroPeptide products, I love that this is made with clean technology and free of most nasty chemicals.  The LASH formula has 3 peptides (including eyelash fortifying peptides and hair-fullness peptide for superior lash results), biotin, folic acid, hydrogenated lecithin, lemon peel extract (to help prevent breakage and strengthen hair), and soybean oil  (to hydrate and nourish the brow and lash area).  In full disclosure, I will say that it does contain a preservative. I have talked in detail with the company about this, as I do strive to be mostly preservative free. In this instance, it’s all about safety. You pretty much have to use a preservative with products used around the eye.  Think of the catastrophic consequences of an eye infection.

You can also use this product to fill out thinning eyebrows.  If you are already using  Latisse and happy with the results, by all means continue. It is the prescription gold standard. But if you are looking for something cleaner and extremely effective, this product is a MUST have.

Order LASH direct from Hydropeptide 

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